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About Us

Holux Lighting is dedicated to delivering high-standard LED lighting solutions tailored for both office and industrial environments, meticulously designed to meet the standards of the European market. With over a decade of experience, our proficiency extends to a diverse range of products, including LED panels, LED linear fixtures, T8 tube LEDs, and LED garage lights.

At the heart of our success are reliable product quality, fast delivery, cost advantages, professional technical team and a set of well prepared certifications like, EMC, LVD, CE, CB, ENEC, D mark, ErP2.0 etc.

eu norms


100% EU Norms

EMC-CE T8 TUBE, led tube light, t8 tube led
LED PANEL ENEC, led panel dimmbar, led panel decke, led panel wand
ENEC for LED Panel Light
ERP 2.0 LED TUBE, led tube light, t8 tube led
ERP 2.0 for LED Tube
ENEC LED High Bay, UFO Light
CB LED PANEL LIGHT, led panels, led panel deckenleuchte
CB for LED Panel Light
LVD of backlit non-isolated panel
LVD of Backlit Panel Light
LED GARAGE LIGHT ENEC, led garage beleuchtung, led lampe garage
ENEC for LED Tri-proof Light
Certificates of led panel light(new ERP complied)
LVD of Sidelit Panel Light

Manufacturing Strength

Our Core Value

Green energy conservation is paramount, and Holux is dedicated to providing high-efficiency and intelligent LED lighting products, contributing to energy savings and emission reduction.
Holux has a long-standing focus on the lighting industry, particularly in the European market, striving to maintain a dual advantage in both price and quality over the long term.
We offer a series of high-quality services with a primary emphasis on OEM and ODM, fostering mutual growth with our customers. (We care for your business just like ours)

Energy saving
Quick and easy installation, light group function
Ideal for modernizing existing buildings where no rewiring is needed
Maintenance and energy consumption reports from anywhere
  • High-efficiency and intelligent LED lighting products, contributing to energy savings and emission reduction.
  • ENEC – CE – ERP approval from TÜV Rheinland.
  • Integrated design lamp body
  • Prevent dust, insects, no cleaning
  • Easy & Quick Installation
  • It is suitable for various office and commercial scenes and different sizes of spaces.
  • More lumens with same power consumption
  • Flicker free driver Strictly follow IEC safety and EMC requirements
  • Longer lifespan of 100,000Hours
  • IENEC Certified
  • 160lm/w UGR<25
  • Bat Wings Light Distribution
  • Wattage adjustable
  • PHILIPS Flicker free driver
  • Plug on-off sensors / emergency kits

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Holux Lighting, holux panel light
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