Holux Lighting, holux panel light
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Surface Mounted Frame Panel Light

Surface Mounted Frame Panel Light, available in two versatile dimensions: 60x60cm and 30x120cm. With a power output of 36W and an impressive luminous efficacy of 120lm/w. You have the flexibility to choose between UGR options of <22 and <19, catering to different preferences for glare reduction. Each unit comes complete with installation accessories, providing convenience and ease of setup.


panel light 220v


Product codeSize (mm)WattageLuminous FluxLight EfficiencyUGRPFCRI
MP-6060-36A1605*605*4036W120 Im/W4320Im<220.9>80
MP-30120-36A1305*1205*4036W120 Im/W4320Im<220.9>80
MP-6060-36U1605*605*4036W120 Im/W4320Im<190.9>80
MP-30120-36U1305*1205*4036W120 Im/W4320Im<190.9>80
Holux Lighting, holux panel light
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