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Holux Lighting is dedicated to delivering high-standard LED lighting solutions tailored for both office and industrial environments, meticulously designed to meet the standards of the European market. With over a decade of experience, our proficiency extends to a diverse range of products, including LED panels, LED linear fixtures, T8 tube LEDs, and LED garage lights.

At the heart of our success are reliable product quality, fast delivery, cost advantages, professional technical team and a set of well prepared certifications like, EMC, LVD, CE, CB, ENEC, D mark, ErP2.0 etc.

Our Core Values

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led panel wand
led panel decke
led panel manufacturer
led panel manufacturer
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100% EU Norms

EMC-CE T8 TUBE, led tube light, t8 tube led
LED PANEL ENEC, led panel dimmbar, led panel decke, led panel wand
ENEC for LED Panel Light
ERP 2.0 LED TUBE, led tube light, t8 tube led
ERP 2.0 for LED Tube
ENEC LED High Bay, UFO Light
CB LED PANEL LIGHT, led panels, led panel deckenleuchte
CB for LED Panel Light
LVD of backlit non-isolated panel
LVD of Backlit Panel Light
LED GARAGE LIGHT ENEC, led garage beleuchtung, led lampe garage
ENEC for LED Tri-proof Light
Certificates of led panel light(new ERP complied)
LVD of Sidelit Panel Light

Need new products?

With our extensive experience in the lighting industry, we can efficiently assist customers in finding or developing suitable products. We conduct a series of rigorous quality checks to ensure that the products meet the customers’ requirements.

led panel manufacturers
led panel manufacturers

What Our Clients Say

Dear Jenny good day! It is with my big pleasure to tell u that I persuaded my boss to always cooperation with u !!!!! Results of panel of the other supplier are similar to yours but price lower, but I used all my power to finalize the order with you, cause I think u are very professional, fast and use very good quality. So, the order is yours!!!!!
Pricilia Doe
You guys are very cheap and good quality .
John Wilson
The result of your products in this project is "state of the art", Also the installation went smoothly. My manager is also realizing this project, would like to thank Holux for your support. If you want, you can use this information for marketing purposes. Kind regards.
Mark Hoffman
Dear Emily, I would like to inform you that I recognize your communication as very professional and I become more and more willing to start serious cooperation with your company.
Daniel johnson
Holux Lighting, holux panel light
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