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T8 LED Glass Tube Light

T8 LED glass tube lights are flicker-free and energy-efficient, available in sizes of 60cm, 90cm, and 150cm. They offer luminous efficacy of up to 210lm/w or 185lm/w, with available wattage options include 9w, 12w, 15w, 17w, 18w, 20w, and 22w. Additionally, they come in CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) options from 3000K to 6500K.

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Product codeSize (mm)WattageInput VoltageLight EfficiencyLuminous FluxCCTCRIPFEnergy Efficiency ClassesBeam Angle
T8-L12-12A2Φ26×1212mm12W220-240V210 Im/W2520 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.9A220°
T8-L15-17A2Φ26×1512mm17W220-240V210 Im/W3570 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.9A220°
T8-L06-09B2Φ26x602mm9W220-240V175 Im/W1575 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.9C220°
T8-L12-15B2Φ26×1212mm 15W220-240V185 Im/W2775 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.9B220°
T8-L15-20B2Φ26×1512mm20W220-240V185 Im/W3700 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.9B220°
T8-L06-7.5C2Φ26x602mm7.5W220-240V160 Im/W1200 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.9C220°
T8-L12-15C2Φ26×1212mm 15W220-240V160 Im/W2400 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.9C220°
T8-L15-20C2Φ26×1512mm20W220-240V160 Im/W3200 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.9C220°
T8-L06-09D1Φ26x602mm9W220-240V135 Im/W1215 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.5D220°
T8-L12-18D1Φ26×1212mm18W220-240V135 Im/W2430 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.5D220°
T8-L15-22D1Φ26×1512mm22W220-240V135 Im/W2970 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.5D220°
T8-L06-09E1Φ26x602mm9W220-240V110 Im/W990 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.5E220°
T8-L12-18E1Φ26×1212mm18W220-240V110 Im/W1980 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.5E220°
T8-L15-22E1Φ26×1512mm22W220-240V110 Im/W2420 lm3000-6500 K>80>0.5E220°

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