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T5 LED Glass Tube Light

T5 LED glass tubes are available in sizes of 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, and 150cm. Wattage options include 9w, 12w, 18w, and 22w, with luminous efficacy 100lm/w and 160lm/w. CCT options include 3000k, 4000k, and 5000k. These tubes utilize SMD 2835 LED type and are made of Glass+PET material.

Product Details

led t5


t5 led tube 3000k
Product codeSize (mm)PowerLuminousLED TypeCCTCRIPFMaterialSocket
T5-L06-09A1Φ18*5499W100 lmSMD 28353000K/4000K/5000K>83>0.5Glass+PETG5
T5-L09-12A1Φ18*849 12W100 lmSMD 28353000K/4000K/5000K>83>0.5Glass+PETG5
T5-L12-18A1Φ18*1148 18W100 lmSMD 28353000K/4000K/5000K>83>0.5Glass+PETG5
T5-L15-22A1Φ18*1449 22W100 lmSMD 28353000K/4000K/5000K>83>0.5Glass+PETG5
T5-L06-09B1Φ18*549 9W160 lmSMD 28353000K/4000K/5000K>83>0.9Glass+PETG5
T5-L09-12B1Φ18*849 12W160 lmSMD 28353000K/4000K/5000K>83>0.9Glass+PETG5
T5-L12-18B1Φ18*1148 18W160 lmSMD 28353000K/4000K/5000K>83>0.9Glass+PETG5
T5-L15-22B1Φ18*1449 22W160 lmSMD 28353000K/4000K/5000K>83>0.9Glass+PETG5
tube led t5 850 mm


t5 g5 led tube
Holux Lighting, holux panel light
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