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LED Spot Light

IP44 LED Spot Light available in 6W and 9W options, with an efficacy of 90-100lm/w. CCT offering three options: 3000K, 4000K, and dimmable. Beam angle options include 40 degrees or 60 degrees. Power factor options: PF > 0.9 or PF > 0.5. Ra > 80.

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Product codeSize (mm)Cutout (mm)WattageCurrentUGRPFBeam
DLF1-3W-6WWφ81*78.7φ68-736W90mA<19>0.540°400 lm3000K
DLF1-3W-6NWφ81*78.7φ68-736W90mA<19>0.540°480 lm4000K
DLF1-3B-6WWφ81*78.7φ68-736W90mA<16>0.540°380 Im3000K
DLF1-3B-6NWφ81*78.7φ68-736W90mA<16>0.540°420 Im4000K
DLF1-4W-9WWφ103*90.7φ90-959W70mA<19>0.940°/ 60°600 lm3000K
DLF1-4W-9NWφ103*90.7φ90-959W70mA<19>0.940°/ 60°650 lm4000K
DLF1-4B-9WWφ103*90.7φ90-959W70mA<16>0.940°/ 60°480 Im3000K
DLF1-4B-9NWφ103*90.7φ90-959W70mA<16>0.940°/ 60°520 lm4000K


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Holux Lighting, holux panel light
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